How Generation Z Will Transform The Future Workplace


Are you ready to do everything you can to connect with the next generation of homebuyers? While Millennials and Baby Boomers currently make up a huge slice of the real estate pie, Generation Z is waiting in the wings to take over as the largest demographic in real estate.

Members of Generation Z—born between 1996 and 2010 – are beginning to enter the housing market, and will soon be one of your key audiences for real estate marketing.

The rise of this connected, tech-savvy generation can be great news for your real estate business, but first, you need to know the best ways to keep up with Gen Z.

How to Connect with the Next Generation of Homebuyers

If you’ve been working on your Millennial marketing in recent years, then you already have an idea of what it takes to reach Gen Z. Members of Generation Z are big on technology, for communication, socializing, and learning about which businesses might suit their needs.

They spend a lot of time online, using social media to connect, engage, and learn more about brands like yours.To know more details on Digital Marketing Agency for Real Estate check Realty DS.

The Most Popular Platforms for Generation Z

Connecting with Gen Z starts with understanding where they like to spend their time online, and the most popular social sites for Gen Z may surprise you.

While Facebook is still a popular platform for Gen Z, it’s no longer the undisputed leader. You’ll still want to market on Facebook, but you’ll also want to embrace Generation Z’s favorite platforms:

Instagram –

Gen Z loves Instagram, and so should you! This is the perfect medium for visual content like photos and short videos, as well as one of the most popular online destinations for Generation Z to hang out.

In addition to showcasing homes and real estate advice, you can use Instagram to show Gen Z shoppers why the communities where you do business are great places to own a home.

Snapchat –

With nearly 200 million users, there’s no doubt that Snapchat is one of the most popular social sites in the world. Better yet, many of those 200 million users are members of Generation Z.

Use Snapchat for easy communication, and to get the word out about events that your business will be hosting in the area.

YouTube –

While it has long been an effective place to market your real estate business, YouTube now has the added benefit of being one of the favored platforms of Generation Z.

YouTube is an excellent place to share the type of advice that first-time homebuyers are looking for, and to show those young homebuyers why your real estate business is the right choice for their needs.

As you work to build your Generation Z audience, remember that valuable content and direct engagement are both key to earning their business.For more information on SEO Agency for Real Estate visit Origo2000

Your content helps get your foot in the door, demonstrates your expertise, and shows that you understand the tech tools that your audience favors most. Once you establish the initial connection, engage directly and begin building relationships.

Though the platforms may change, Generation Z still wants the same things as most buyers from their real estate agent. If you’re accountable, reliable, and willing to connect through their favorite online platforms, then you’re already off to a great start.

Whether you’re looking to connect with Gen Z or simply want to know what you can do to grow your real estate business, we’d love to help. Contact Delta Media Group for help with all of your real estate marketing needs.


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