Doctor’s Opinion On Side Effects Of Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Cost

It is a hair replacement treatment which helps to permanently restore the hair by transplanting new follicles in that particular site where your hair is thinning or balding. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia. The healthy follicles are removed from the back of the head usually known as the donor area during the hair transplant surgery, which is then implanted in the area where you have less hair or the bald area. The two most popular technique of hair transplant include FUE and FUT. FUE technique results in less pain and scars as compared to FUT technique.

Doctor’s opinion on side effects of Hair transplant

1. About misconception of hair transplant

Some patients have misconception that FUE does not cause any scars. This is not the case however; a scar is created with the 1mm punch utilized to harvest each follicular grouping. These scars are not visible to the human eye, while some scars are visible as pinpoint white atrophic macules. Most of the patients don’t notice these scars as they are far less noticeable than a linear scar, they are far less noticeable than a linear scar, Patients should be aware that on close inspection these white scars may be visible. To know more info onĀ Hair Transplantation checkĀ Scriptcafe

2. Various side effects of Hair transplant

Hair transplants are very safe procedures with very few side effects. The common side effects may involve swelling, numbness, minor discomfort, itching, and local inflammation. However these side effects are not that severe they are temporary. Some patients may also experience shock loss, this is and the hair will grow back in 3-6 months. Other risk factor may include bad design of your new hairline may be a risk factor, but this can be avoided with an experienced surgeon, good communication with your surgeon and supporting staff .

3. Risks involved in Hair Transplant

Every surgery involves some risk in it. However when a hair transplant is done by an experienced hair restoration surgeon these risks can be minimized. Some of the risks involved in Hair transplant surgery are redness, scarring, shock loss, pluggy look

4. About Shock loss

Many people worry about “shock loss” after hair transplant. Shock loss causes your hair to fall out after hair transplant. However this happens rarely if the surgery is properly done. Most of us go for FUE in order to avoid ugly linear scar in the back of the head. Advances in the surgeries have reduced injury to existing hair. The scars are much more precise than human eye.

5. About hair loss after surgery and Hair re growth

As with any hair transplant procedure, shock loss is one of the most common side effects, but it is not permanent. This is mainly caused due to the stress exhibited to the transplanted area, apart from swelling. The grafted hair can also fall out anytime between the first few weeks up till 3-4 months after the procedure, however the seed of the transplanted follicle will remain intact, and these seeds will help regenerate a new hair. Patience is the only key during such situations.

6. About infections

The complications are relatively low, infections and bleeding are minimal. If the procedure is not done well the scars may be visible at donor site.

Though hair transplant procedure is a very easy procedure, there are some minor complications associated with it, so it is always better to prepare yourself for it in advance.

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