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  • June 30, 2019

Renault Kwid Facelift Test Drive Review


Renault Kwid Overview

Renault introduced the Kwid hatchback in the year 2015. Due to its competitive pricing and amazing features the car became an instant hit. It can be stated as a game changing product for the French carmaker in the country. After some time, the company decided to give it a facelift in 2018 in order to keep it aligned with the contemporary vehicles and ramp up its sales. Renault before launching the facelift tried to increase the number by special edition models like ‘Live For More Reloaded’ edition and ‘Superhero’ edition. The 2018 Renault Kwid facelift was a much needed update for the hatchback. The facelift version got some cosmetic updates along with the interior changes. But the 2019 version is a notch above with updated interiors as well as standard set of safety features. The engine in the car remains the same as seen in the older model.

Renault Kwid Exterior & Look

Knowing the fact that Kwid is a budget car, Renault hasn’t stepped back from experimenting different things. And that’s make this car a unique one in its class. The Kwid is one such car in its segment that offers a SUV flavour. The tall and beefy stance with plastic wheel arches enhances the SUV appeal. At the front, the grille design gives us a futuristic feeling with the lower variant having honeycomb pattern, the upper variants comes with new razor sharp edge chrome grille. There are tons of other customization options the carmaker is offering with this car.

The bumper has been revised and it now comes with added bulges to add some muscle to the car. The bonnet features similar masculine creases. The bumper also houses rounded fog lamps while the bottom containing the air dam is pretty reminiscent to the grill. The C-shaped chrome accents in the blackened headlamp housing looks pretty cool. At the sides, the car isn’t much tall as with the case with typical SUVs in fact, the profile is characterized by large windows and high window line. The black cladding at the bottom is not plastic as we have seen in cars such as Grand i10, but it’s a vinyl sticker. However, there is always an option to upgrade it to the plastic one from the list of accessories.

The new Kwid features 13-inch rims that comes fitted in the 155mm tyre with only 3 lug nuts to hold them in place. The car also offer full wheel covers with an option of black finishing. This makes the car look a bit more decent. With the new update, the car also gets dual-toned ORVM but you will not find turn indicators on this piece, they are actually located on front wheel arches. The variant badging can be seen just behind the rear window. Coming to the rear, there is minimalistic badging with the Renault one taking the centre stage, and a small one placed on the left. The bottom portion of the rear bumper gets black cladding as a standard fitment. The roof top consists of a u-shaped depression for increasing rigidity of the car and compensating the skinny sheet metal used.

The roof spoiler is standard across the variants adding character to the rear profile. Talking about the Climber variant, it gets new black cladding surrounding the fog lamps, faux silver skid plates with orange elements at the front. At the sides, it gets orange turn indicators placed on the wheel arches, dual-toned black-orange ORVM covers, roof rails with orange highlights, Climber decals and alloy wheels lookalike full wheel covers. Overall, it appears that the car doesn’t seem to get old and get attractive with every update. To know more details on Renault Kwid check Agropedia

Renault Kwid Interior & Space

On the inside there are absolutely no changes, so you get the same minimalistic yet smartly styled dashboard. The snazzy digital instruments further add to the modern look and the large speedo display is easy to read on the move. As before the seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system dominates proceedings. This system is not only unique at this price point, but it also gets features like navigation system that is unheard of even in cars that sit two segments higher. We also liked the ergonomic AC controls, which are nice and chunky, and the Aux/USB ports for the music system are conveniently placed too.

The only difference on the inside is the lack of a gearlever. Instead, you get a rotary knob placed on the centre console next to the power window switches. In terms of the quality the Kwid’s cabin looks budget with hard but durable plastics all round and panel gaps are inconsistent too. The Renault’s cabin though is quite practical and front passengers enjoy loads of storage spaces and you also get an extra bottle holder where you would have found the gear lever otherwise. But, at the rear there are absolutely no storage spaces except for the rear parcel tray, which is disappointing.

Despite its diminutive size the small Renault is surprisingly spacious. Visibility out of the high mounted front seats is really good and the high bonnet gives you a feeling of being astride an SUV. The front seats are surprisingly good despite limited bolstering. But, they are perched too high up as headroom is limited especially for six foot plus drivers. The backseat is a real highlight and the generous kneeroom, long squab and well-angled backrest makes it a nice place to be in. The boot at 300 litres is humongous and it will gobble your weekend’s luggage easily.

Like the Kwid 1.0-litre, the AMT equipped car will be available in just the top RxT and RxT option variants. You get front power windows, aircon, power steering, and a touchscreen infotainment system that houses features like Navigation, Aux-in/USB ports and a radio. Where convenience equipment impresses, the safety features leaves us a bit disappointed. You just get a single driver side airbag and that’s it. We would have liked Renault to offer ABS at least as an option on the automatic variant and the rear passenger seatbelts aren’t even inertia reel type.

Renault Kwid Engine & Gearbox

Under the hood lies the same engine and gearbox combo as you will find in the 1-litre manual Kwid – a three-cylinder, 999cc motor developing 67bhp and 91Nm of torque. The only difference here is that a set of hydraulic actuators and sensors engage and disengage the clutch and shift cogs on the 5-speed gearbox for you. Now although the power and torque figures won’t raise any eyebrow, the Kwid is a featherweight so there isn’t much heft to haul. Nonetheless, it’s quiet and refined around town, however, every time you pull away from standstill you will hear that typical three-cylinder thrum as you pick up pace. Unlike the 800cc motor which has a jerky power delivery with some flat spots around the mid-range, the 1-litre Kwid is relatively smooth with the way it delivers power.

The biggest addition on the 2018 Kwid AMT, without a doubt, is the much-needed creep function that moves the car forward ever so lightly when you take your foot off the brake – a neat feature when driving in heavy traffic. What’s more, it makes hill starts little easier as you no longer need to step on the throttle frantically to avoid rolling back. As for the all-important shift quality, the gearshifts aren’t exactly seamless but the trademark rocking motion linked to AMTs is noticeably less in the Kwid compared to the Alto K10 AMT. Sure, there is still that typical judder when you get off the line or drive in bumper-to-bumper traffic, but the jerkiness smoothens out as you up the pace. For price details on Renault Kwid check AutoZhop.

Despite its lack of grunt or a manual override, the Kwid feels comfortable on the highway as well. The featherweight Renault, in fact, has no trouble hitting triple digit speeds – it took 16.5 seconds to complete the 0-100kmph sprint and 8.8 and 12.4 seconds for the 20-80kmph and 40-100kmph in gear respectively.

Renault Kwid Driving Dynamics

The French automaker is known for offering a great deal of comfort when it comes to ride and handling, the popular Duster and the MPV Lodgy are sheer examples of it. The Kwid follows the suit as the suspension in the car has been tuned to be on the softer side, despite being a city car. The soft suspension help the car gulps potholes and other road imperfections quite well.

The class leading higher ground clearance converts to body rolls at tight corners. But the car is still fun to chuck around the corners as the handling is quite predictable. The downside here is the large 5m turning radius due to which the driver will need extra effort to get in and out of the tight spaces. In comparison, Alto has 4.6mm of turning radius, so here it has a clear advantage as far as city driving is concerned.Coming to the steering, it is light at low speeds while it continues to be the same on the high speeds as well which is a bit of disadvantage. So, it is better to keep the car speed low and below 100kmph mark and it won’t let you complain. Check for SBI car loan at Fincarz.

Renault Kwid Safety & Security

The braking setup has sufficient bite and the car stops without any drama. And with ABS with EBD in the latest update, you can now push this car a little hard as the front wheels will not lock-up. Besides ABS and EBD, the standard safety features of Kwid include driver side airbag, driver and passenger seat belt reminder, speed alert system, front seats: integrated headrests, rear seats: integrated neck rest and high mounted stop lamp.Other safety aspects in the car include reverse parking camera, front fog lamps, remote keyless entry with central locking, intermittent front wiper & auto wiping while washing and engine immobilizer.

Renault Kwid Cost in Pune

Renault Kwid On-Road Price in Pune ranges from 3,41,196 to 5,53,541 for variants Kwid STD and Kwid RXT 1.0 O Superhero Edition AMT respectively. Renault Kwid is available in 15 variants and 5 colours. Below are details of Renault Kwid variants price in Pune. Check for Kwid price in Pune at Tryaldrive.

Renault Kwid Round Up

So, is the 2018 Kwid AMT a great buy? Certainly. It’s worth a look if you are after a small, easy to drive automatic hatchback that has a touch of flair about it. All in all, with these updates, it’s an almost flawless city runabout – the steering is light, the AMT is relatively smooth, all-round visibility is excellent and there is enough space for a small family. More importantly, with the creep function and a rear-view camera, it’s also easy to drive and park and that’s all you really want from a car like this.

Renault Kwid is available in total of five different variants such as Standard, RXE, RXL, RXT and Climber. In terms of pricing, Renault Kwid is tagged quite competitively which makes it one of the most alluring hatchbacks in the country. The base variant of Kwid named Standard is tagged at Rs. 2.67 lakh while Kwid RXE is available at the price tag of Rs. 3.1 lakh. The Kwid RXL is tagged at Rs. 3.36 lakh while the RXT trim is offered at the price tag of Rs. 4.04 lakh. It’s top of the line variant Kwid Climber MT is tagged at Rs. 4.33 lakh. The Kwid is also available with Automatic gearbox in RXT and Climber variants, pricing stated as Rs. 4.34 lakh and Rs. 4.6 lakh respectively. Renault Kwid competes against the likes such as Maruti Suzuki Alto 800, Datsun Redi GO and New Hyundai Santro in the segment.


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