How Are Evaluation Results Used?


 Educational Evaluations

After your child’s evaluation is complete, you’ll meet with a group of qualified professionals to discuss the
results and determine whether your child has a disability under IDEA. The school must provide you with a copy
of the evaluation report and a written determination of eligibility.

If the team determines, based on the evaluation results, that your child is eligible for special education and
related services, the next step is to develop an IEP to meet your child’s needs. For Educational Evaluations in US visit UT Evaluators

The goals and objectives the IEP team develops relate directly to the strengths and needs that were identified
through evaluation.

It’s important for you to understand the results of your child’s evaluation before beginning to develop an IEP.
Parents should ask to have the evaluation results explained to them in plain language by a qualified professional. Check for Educational Evaluations in oprst

You will want to request the evaluation summary report before meeting with other members of the IEP team
to develop the IEP. Reviewing the results in a comfortable environment before developing the IEP can reduce
stress for parents a


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