What If I Disagree With The School’s Evaluation?


If you disagree with the results of an evaluation, you have the right to obtain an independent educational evaluation (IEE) at public expense. An IEE is conducted by qualified examiners not employed by the school. The school district must provide parents with a list names of possible examiners and provide the evaluation at no cost to the parents. Educational Evaluations in US check UT Evaluators

If the school district denies a request for an IEE at public expense, the district must initiate a due process hearing to show that its evaluation was appropriate.

When the school arranges for the provision of an IEE, the evaluation must be accomplished under the same criteria that the school district uses for its evaluations. The school may not unreasonably delay an IEE, and it must consider the results of the IEE when determining eligibility or developing your child’s IEP.

If the result of the hearing is that the agency’s evaluation is appropriate, you still have the right to obtain an IEE at your own expense. If the IEE meets the school’s criteria, those results, too, must be considered by the IEP team in determining your child’s placement and special education and related services. For Educational Evaluations in US visit here

When the IEE evaluation is complete, ask for a written report. Be sure that any recommendations for services or specific kinds of programs are in writing. When you receive the report, contact your child’s school to arrange an IEP meeting


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