Petition Requirements Of H1B Visa For Nurses

In a 2015 policy memorandum, the USCIS list some of the documents that a petitioner should submit as evidence:

A. The nature of the petitioner’s business

B. Industry practices

C. A detailed descrip tion of the duties to be performed within the petitioner’s business operations

D. Advanced certification requirements

E. ANCC Magnet Recognized status

F. Clinical experience requirements

G. Training in the specialty requirements

H. Wage rate relative to others within the occupation. Check for H1B Visa Process in UT Evaluators

Priority of Acceptance:

All must qualify under general position, education, Department of Labor, USCIS, and U.S. employer H-1B requirements.

A. Certified Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) are generally the first to be accepted for the H-1B petition.

Examples of specialized nursing occupations under the APRN category are:

1. Certified registered nurse anesthetists

2. Clinical nurse specialists

3. Certified nurse midwives

4. Certified nurse practitioners

The position must also require for the nurse to be a certified RN (registered nurse). To become an RN the nurse must have a minimum of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with additional education.

B. The second level of acceptance applies to nurses who qualify for administrative occupations which require a graduate degree in nursing or healthcare administration. Examples include: “Nurse Managers” and Supervisory Nurses. For H1B Visa Process Visit here

C. The final level of acceptance applies to individuals with a nursing specialty in areas such as critical care or preoperative nurses.

Approved H-1B applicants may also come to those who are not APRNs. However, non-APRNs must have successfully passed examinations based on clinical experience, emergency room nursing, operating room, occupation health, rehabilitation nursing, critical care, oncology, and pediatrics.


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